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Dedicated to raising awareness of Moyamoya and Hypothalmic Hamartoma. We’re raising funds for treatment of those suffering from the effects of Moyamoya.

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Our fund is currently dedicated to caring for Riley Watkins. At first it was thought that Riley was suffering from epilepsy but in September
they were told that he was suffering from three separate conditions. Find out more about these below.

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Riley’s father, Chris, had always intended to fund raise primarily to raise money for those organisations who have given the family such fantastic support through these incredibly stressful months. He is keen not only to raise money but also raise awareness of these rare conditions. However, as it has become apparent that they may need funds to get treatment abroad that has become
his primary focus. To that end we are establishing the Life of Riley Fund Ltd. The primary purpose will be to fund Riley’s treatment and to raise awareness of Moyamoya and
Hypothalmic Hamartoma. If for any reason Riley’s treatment proves impossible or unnecessary or excess funds are raised, monies will go towards research into these conditions and to charities which assist children who suffer from rare and similar conditions and which support their families and will be an ongoing charity after Riley’s needs are met.


Moyamoya disease
This is a very rare condition affecting 1 in 1,000,000 people. Essentially it is a narrowing of the blood vessels supplying the brain and causes TIAs or mini strokes. Failure to treat can lead to a full blown stroke. 

Hypothalamic hamartoma
Another rare condition which only affects 1 in 200,000. This is a benign tumour in the brain which can be stable or unstable. Children affected often suffer uncontrolled giggling fits lasting up to ten minutes (gelastic seizures) and other symptoms can follow. This can be a progressively disabling

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